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bg 1

I am not surprized that Wayne liked the roller coaster. As a pilot,that flipping around up there, and doing stalls when learning to fly must have made sitting in the cage not much of a challenge. I was never afraid of stalling the plane when I was taking flying lessons and George Grubbs was right there beside me in case things got out of hand. When I was growing up in Los Angeles,there was a wonderful carnvival the year around in Long Beach, out on the pier. There was a roller coaster there, a terrifying affair that shook the entire pier. I never rode it. I liked the merry-go-round. There is one in Helena, Montana and we took the great grand son there when we were there a few weeks ago. Only 160 left in USA. I got the gold ring and gave it to Paul for a free ride the next time they go....I don't think they had gold rings to snatch at the roller coaster. Who, except people like Wayne would have let go the bar to snatch at one? I liked you story!!!

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