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Again, I enjoyed your column. I wondered why you didn't go to Google and see what that Courgette, was all about? I did. Learned more that I want to know about it. Ginny makes a nice dish from zucchini. She fries it after slicing it and dipping the slices in beaten eggs and then dipping then into flour. Good stuff.


So, did the dish turn out or not? You left me hanging at the end!


I guess I used a poor choice of words when I meant to say that Zucchini makes a nice addition to a meal. I gotta be more careful with dealing with a smartie-pants like the Fox.


Sorry to leave you hanging, Val. Actually, we haven't gotten around to making that particular dish yet. Maybe that will have to be another story.


Darn - I didn't realize that Frank liked zucchini so well or I could have snuck over and filled the Mercedez while they were visiting yesterday!!!

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