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If my memory serves me correctly, you once wrote decriptions for a seed catalog. Was it for Gurney Seeds? Yesterday, we got a Gurney Seed catalog, from Indiana. Never thought they would ever leave Yankton. It is kinda nice to look at the catalog and realize that spring will come again, and it can't get here soon enough to suit me. It is snowing lightly again this morning. A lady said she thought if was kinda pretty. She must not be from around here, maybe Hawaii.


I didn't realize Gurney was still in existence--nice to know, even though they moved. Yes, I did do some freelance work on their catalog one year. When I told my mother about the job, she said, "Did you tell them your house plants always die?" Fortunately, that wasn't a question they asked!


Chris always has Gurney Seed catalogs floating around. I used to think that i would be a decent gardner but judging by our attempt last spring, we are in trouble.

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