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HA HA HA HA!!!!!


I just came in from covering the window wells as this beautiful blue October weather we have been blessed with for weeks now is supposed to make a 180 degree turn right soon and even a hint of snow is forecast in the coming week. Those window wells are a great place for the summer's accumalation of all kinds of bugs, crawling, breeding, casting their old skins. Some are live and so I am careful about where I place my hands. About that spider: I have just squished a big one. This one was active , not a psuedo one and I wasn't about to fool around with it. Didn't you see all those turantulas up in the mountains of Arizona, Katie? They were numerous on the Apache trail at times of the year. They are not dangerous, but they do tend to make people wary of them...Thanks for the fun article...


Well, it COULD have been a real spider! Or I could have stomped on it, broken the hair clip, stabbed myself in the foot with a sharp edge (since I was wearing my slippers), bled all over the rug, and ended up in the emergency room.

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