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Ginny Putz

You live in an exciting place....the most fearful thing here at our place is the neighbor who kept leaving pears on our doorstep...I was overcome with them..finally cooked them in a syrup and froze them...we'll see how that comes out. Oh, we do have a big longhaired yellow cat who Miss Kitty claims harrasses her, tho I have never seen it make any threatening moves on her,who comes to the patio door and complains that it is starving, tho it doesn't look like that is the case. It eats any leftovers which Kitty leaves on her plate[she often likes to eat out on the deck]and then demands more in a piercing meow. It knows I like it, tho I know I shouldn't..one cat is enough, spoiled as she is! Ginny


Pears left on the doorstep sound wonderful. All we ever find left on the front walk is occasional evidence left behind by turkeys strolling through the yard.

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