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When we were living on our farm,our old neighbor, Joe Harmacek, was death on squirrels as his farm was next to Bull Creek, a haven for squirrels with all the trees, ear corn in cribs, but no nut trees. Those cute little creatures are distructive as they are forever chewing into something, and in this case, Joe's graneries, which caused them to let the contents run out all over the place. Joe contrived a death machine for them. Picture this: a heavy cast iron wheel propped up with a stick, an ear of corn under it tied to a string. The squirrel grabs the ear, strart to depart and the string, tied to the prop, pulls it down, and SPLAT!, down comes the wheel on the squirrel. Joe Czech accent and he called them skiveerels.
Ginny and I always called them that and to this day, when I look out and see the little beasts carrying all kinds of loot and burying it in my yard, I think of Joe and his skiveer killer.


The cast iron wheel certainly must have been effective, if a bit messy. It probably would be too heavy for our deck, anyway. Though I think he's about ready to try something like that!

But I like the "skiveerel" pronunciation.

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