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Oh, boy,you were lucky. Ginny and I made 28 trips to Arizona where we used to make our winter home, and had some harrowing experiences too. Once our way home while driving in Kansas, it had rained and then froze so the highway was a sheet of ice. Although I was driving slower that usual and gripping the wheel with a death grip, suddenly I found myself going backwards into the ditch. Now this was in flat Kansas so there were no big drop-offs. The motor died. Ginny never said a word. Probably afraid of screaming. I tried the starter, it cranked right up. It was a diesel and I was concerned about that the oil had been sucked up in some way. Not something one forgets quickly but like you, we lived to tell about it and were not injured. The car did not have any damage either. We went to Europe when we got home but some one else drove the bus.


Frank didn't say that while we were turning around backwards that time, I was watching thru my window as the ground came up at me...we were skating along on only the front and back wheels on my side...we just happened to teeter back down on the other two on Frank's side instead of rolling on over the other way. I don't know if I yelled it or not, but in my mind I was saying "NO! OH NO NO!" I think it was a prayer and it was granted!! We ended up in the opposite ditch back on all four wheels. We didnt tell Paul about this until we no longer went trekking back and forth to Arizona.

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