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Women, especially hard-up mothers, do make good liars. When I was growing up in the 'dirty thirties', I was sometimes allowed to stay over night with a neighbor girl, whose family were really hard-up..struggling to keep four kids fed, clothed and sent to school. I would walk home with the kids after school and we would play around until supper time. Supper was usually fried potatoes and 'ring balogna' which was about the cheapest meat one could buy. [These folks were not farmers, the dad worked in town at whatever he could do] I never thought much about those meals, until many, many, many years later. This family had moved away in the thirties, and we lost track on them until the mother came back to our area to visit relatives,as I say, many years later..I was a grandmother myself by that time. She and my mother were talking about the 'old days' and she told of how she would 'lie' and say she had already eaten her supper, when there wasn't enough food to go around for her husband and the kids. I was horrified, and wondered to myself about how many times I may have eaten her share of fried potatoes and ring balogna. I still feel guilty when I think about it.

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