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I am not so sure that we
South Dakotans don't have an accent. Maybe it's like a relation of mine that lives on the east coast said to me." You folks don't have a G on the end of your words, like, you say, " walkin' ,talkin', workin' " I volunteer at the Biker Pancake days when the local Lion's Club set up the facilties to make pancakes at the rest stop on I-29, in an endeavor to get the bikers buy pancakes on their way to Sturgis. We encourage any one to come, and one morning, a trucker asked me if we had "bee skees". I was puzzled and asked him just what he wanted and he said, "You know, bee skees and gravy".....He had Alabama plates on his truck... I will never forget that.


Then there was the woman who had moved to SD from somewhere in the Deep South who asked my dad whether he was going to the "fire." He asked her "Fire? What fire?" "Why, the State Fire." (You know, the one they have in Huron every year, with the exhibits and the midway.)

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