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Not long ago, I read that another town voted down a proposal to allow chickens to be kept. I went to Google and found many towns in that same catagory. Some would allow only hens, as the roosters crowing would disrupt late sleeper! Another town would allow them, but had a hefty license, renewable annually, duly inspected premises and for a number other conditions . I suppose these were put in place to discourage many from applying for the license. I remember when we I was working for a telephone company in the Los Angeles area, I was so surprised to hear a rooster crowing. I didn't mind, found it pleasant really. But then, it wasn't 4 AM either. I wonder who squawked about denying the ordinance in your town. Another by-product of those hens lays in the manure. Yes, chicken manure is the richest fertilizer that I found and it would really be good for the gardens. Too liberal an application can burn your intended plantings. Good luck with the project.

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