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Uh-huh, doggie sitting. We do that quite often..[everyone KNOWS that our little friend thinks we're her grandparents]. To keep a peaceful balance bewteen our cat and the visiting dog is sometimes rather hilarious..like when the dog comes to me with her nose out of joint, begging me to get the cat out of HER bed. The cat gets into the dog's bed and naps, just to prove her territorial rights. The dog, who could demolish the cat in seconds, doesn't touch the furry little snip, but comes to me to settle the silent battle fairly.It is funny to watch...they are so like little kids. And it's nice when they love you...ginny


I take our neighbor's little doggie for walks while she is our guest. I really got a chuckle out of your describing the " P mail" checks! Lady never passes up a sniff if one of them are detected!


I really enjoyed your description of the cat napping in the dog's bed just to show who's in charge--it certainly sounds like a cat.

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